Word Game

*.* *.*
When an idea comes to mind,
the mind doesn’t mind
working with the new knowledge
one knows one has won.
One must accept all except lies,
and there lies the principal principle.
Don’t lose your mind to loose ideas
that will not stick unless you assent to
lying awake all night dreaming
of a knight in shining armor.
Compliment a friend whose loyalty
and friendship complement your life.
Advise friends on the perils of bad advice.
Write a poem as a device to hide open secrets.
Elicit creativity and avoid illicit activity in youth.
Be discrete as you live and leave others to choose their path.
Too much pushing leads to two-faced friends.
Being surrounded by mean friends
means having led a forced life.
There are times to avoid the vices forced upon us,
but those times, they’re rare.
Sometimes we take more than the brain can bear,
and before we know it, bare are soul and spirit;
and a barren brain can control the body no more;
it’s then too late even for the mind to mind.
And the word game ends where nonsense begins,
or nonsense begins where the word game ends.

Copyright@2016 by Martina R. Gallegos


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