New Life


Spring blessed me nineteen years ago;
it did bring new life, almost nine pounds of it.
Nine pounds of pain, hardship, and joy.
I will never forget that Friday in April
when a new life changed mine forever.
All her vital signs were 9.9;
I didn’t know what that meant,
but it was almost a ten; it had to be good.
Her lungs let doctors know she’d arrived
and was ready to face this challenging world.
Boy, did she ever meet challenges!
She inherited perseverance from
grandmother and mom, and she faced
all that life threw at her with courage.
Brilliant and talented she’ll always be,
and she’s always been a great student.
She continues to overcome tragedies
and her smile hides her inner pain.
Her laughter and playful ways are my joy.
God bless this child of mine.

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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