The Rape of Mother Earth

Poor neighborhoods are covered with toxic waste
without a thought to residents’ well-being.
Oil and gas leaks displace more people
than other natural events.
Polluted and poisoned water sources
cause illness to consumers just to save a buck,
but who will pay for medical care?
Who will guarantee them a safe future?
Who can guarantee them a future?
Not the irresponsible polluters, of course.
Not the greed of nations.
Rainforests lose their livelihood
to corporate greed,
as do war-torn countries.
Remnants of nuclear tests
and nuclear activity
are causing sadness in the skies
and our planet pays the price,
and the annihilation of mankind is a breath away.
Who will save humanity from destruction?
Who will save our planet from extinction?
Not rapists of Mother Earth, of course.
Only until humanity rises against
corporate greed and destructive wealth,
which don’t give anyone the right to rape,
will Mother Earth will once again regain her grace.

Picture credit: Martina Gallegos, Crisanto Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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