I hear the red robins’ and house sparrows’ wake up call;
they’re not soft but shrieking, piercing whistles.
The doves’ coos can shroud them all;
their songs are gentle, friendly bristles.

I wouldn’t mind a magpie concert;
these lovely birds know their notes.
After waking up, their songs keep me alert,
so I can enjoy my bowl of oats.

Don’t mind pigeons’ cooing sound;
their grunting is alarming.
I wonder if the hawk’s around?
Its sight is not so charming.

Hummingbirds I do not mind;
they bring joy to my life.
When at times they’re hard to find,
searching for them is worth the strife.

I love finches in my hemlock tree;
I can see and hear them gleefully sing;
I’d like to have one just for me
to enjoy the happiness it can bring.

First published by Hometown Pasadena, April 4th, 2016.

Pictures credit: Martina R. Gallegos

copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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