Cherimoya Tree

I’m used to tossing seeds and pits in my backyard,
and I’ve grown sweet lime, pomegranate, cherry, and peach trees.
I even have an avocado and a few Zapote trees.
I did the same with cherimoya seeds.
They started sprouting everywhere.
I think I gave one of the first little trees away.
Another was growing in a small corner;
it was nice and healthy, but the area was too small.
I decided to transplant it to a larger, sunnier area.
Little by little, it began to lose its leaves,
and something or somebody broke off the top.
What remained was a sad-looking, lonely stick.
I’d cater to it, nurturing it almost daily,
but it kept withering away.
I’d almost given up on it and thought of digging it up.
I just let it be, watering it and loosening the soil.
Spring started, and I saw no signs of life.
I’d check that stick every day, nothing.
A couple of weeks went by, and I checked again.
I could see a tiny light green or almost yellow something.
I gave it a couple of days and came back.
This time I could see several signs of life!
There were about four tiny leaves peeking out!
A few more days later, I could actually see the leaves clearly.
This little wonder of Mother Nature made me very happy.
My cherimoya tree has definitely come back to life.

copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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