I open the curtains to see sunlight in the morning
but marine layer clouds the outside.
With the sliding door ajar, I can feel the cold
that I couldn’t feel after my stroke.
I’m trying to find ways to re-energize
because I feel my feet are giving out on me.
I walk around my small backyard, teasing my dog
into chasing us both around to exercise.
The feeling of unsteadiness persists
and I retreat to the safety of my living room.
After breakfast and some light chores
I go back out and sit in the sun.
It feels good to feel its
warmth for once,
but I can’t take more than a couple of minutes.
I take out the refuse cans and trim some plants.
I pull out the dying paper whites
and save some of the bulbs for next winter.
Couldn’t work the Wii and gave up on
bicycling ’cause being alone
in the garage did not make me feel safe.
I decided to cuddle up with my pet
until I am ready to exercise in the garage again.
I hope stretching my legs on the sofa will help
re-energize before I make up my mind.

Pcture credit: Martina R. Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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