From Dawn to Dusk

Easy, relaxed beginning drive.
Music on the radio, reminiscing,
enjoying the green mountains
blessed by recent spring rains.
405 South, traffic picks up,
so do crazy drivers.
Breathing in and out helps ease tension.
Airplanes are in the sky; I miss my shot.
Photographing planes I enjoy.
“How do they stay up without falling?”
Dark clouds loom above.
“They’ll drop rain soon,” I say.
As soon I stop talking, pit, pat, pita, pat, pit,….
I love taking pictures of the rain also, snap!
Clouds turn ice, puffy white again.
More crazy drivers are at it, zig, zag, zig, zag, damn!
A plane’s in front of me, snap! Miss again.
Damn crazy drivers; and I don’t drive, why?
We get to Irvine; kid’s barely getting up. Zzz!
Starbucks is our waiting spot; we stop.
I need something warm; didn’t expect coffee, though, duh!
Almost finished the whole thing. Darn sugar, ugh!
“Let’s walk off the sugar,” I say.
We walk around taking random pictures; life’s random, right?
Kid shows up with friend; time for brunch, yay!
Can’t miss picture op.
Meet more sorority sisters, “Come on, Little Mom,” she says.
I get to keep a red carnation; it smells so good, my favorite!
I’m exhausted but keep going, to her dorm.
I sign and give her the B-day present I wrote; rest.
Brother and I go to the movies, then all go to eat.
After movies, we head back home; kind of get lost.
We find our way again and even more crazy drivers.
I’m almost regretting the trip. Yikes!
Got a few airplane pictures. Sigh..
I can feel a bit cold, tired, and sleepy.
Didn’t get the sunset I expected; disappointing!
Finally make it home in the dark.

Picture credits: J. Crisanto Gallegos de Robles, Martina R. Gallegos

copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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