Soar and Bern


The hottest flames will burn riches and rags.
Some people go from rags to riches;
others go from riches to rags.
Some people want to make of riches rags;
others want to make rags out of riches.
Some get out of rags to fulfill dreams;
others use riches to destroy dreams.
Some people use knowledge to teach ignorance,
others evade ignorance to teach knowledge.
Those who use knowledge to rid of ignorance
will gain the trust of the crowds.
People who indulge in ignorance
will feel the burn.
Even birds can feel the bern
because inch by inch,
the hottest flame begins to soar
like the peace-carrying finch.

Copyright@2016 Martina Robles Gallegos @All rights reserved


Picture credits: Google,, and Martina Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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