Nature Nurtures

I stay active to stay strong,
yet my brain insists on betraying me;
I walk my pet, garden, and do chores.
Still, I keep feeling off balance, unsteady.
I keep my walks short, for safety.
In the house, I chase my mutt around;
she loves it, of course,
but I get dizzy and fear a fall.
Today, though, we walked for hours
around Santa Barbara and then the zoo.
Even though I got very tired, I didn’t fall.
I wanted to enjoy watching creatures
and all the beautiful vegetation.
I guess I was walking with a purpose.
I’d sit and rest once in a while,
but then I’d keep going
and taking pictures, enjoying everything.
I did say no to the beach; my feet couldn’t
take it anymore; I was feeling sleepy, too.
Seeing green and colorful flowers
is very soothing to me.
And I saw the ocean from the Freeway as well.

Picture Credit: Martina Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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