Once I thought I’d achieved the American Dream.
I put myself through school and got a job.
I started working in this country at fourteen.
I never thought I’d go to college,
and my counselors and some teachers
made sure I didn’t forget their ‘fact.’
I was sentenced to a life of drugs, gangs,
babies, and being an all-around drop-out.
I was told I couldn’t do this, and I couldn’t do that;
I was told I was no ‘college material.’
Forget about being a teacher or a writer, and
don’t dream about being a psychologist,
“You don’t have the language.”
Guess what, suckers? You were all wrong!
I did all you told me I wouldn’t do,
and didn’t do anything you said I’d do.
I even bought my own home;
The American Dream was complete,
or was it? It wasn’t; the nightmare had just begun!
Those in charge of the housing project
were more crooked than tangled barbed wire.
The one in charge of assigning lots was making
thousands under the table and assigning lots
to his family, friends, and other acquaintances.
I’d been approved already, but this swine was determined
not to assign me a lot; I’d almost given up,
but I knew he was doing everything wrong;
somebody had to know and care about his dark dealings.
Because I reported him, he became vindictive and sent his
crooked cop friend to intimidate me.
Well, I got my home, and the swine wasn’t happy.
Things around the home began falling apart right away.
I’d inquire about the person responsible for fixing things,
but I was sent from one person to another.
It was a domino effect, and I could never find the right
person to fix things. The construction company
disappeared, as did the plumbers, flooring people, and
everyone else. The City would send me to management,
and management would send me to the City and City to Board.
As for regulations, the City tells us to follow HOA guidelines, and
Management tells us to follow City approved guidelines.
Neither set of guidelines makes any sense.
So when we need to do something around the house,
it’s a big hassle because everybody has their own version
of the guidelines, and the merry-go-round picks up again.
We are in a drought but these fools waste water washing their hands.

Picture credit: Martina Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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