Evil Roots


Everybody was euphoric;
our American Dream had come true.
We were first time home buyers.
Those spearheading the program
were telling us things too-good-to-be-true,
and they were too good to be true;
we found that out too quickly.
As soon as we moved into our new homes,
we started getting ‘violations.’
Most of them were absolutely baseless,
or they were on a different street and home.
We got phone calls to attend HOA meetings
and have our violations ‘forgiven.’
It was the only time there was almost a full house.
Then they moved the meetings out of town.
Residents didn’t attend meetings locally;
it was obvious most wouldn’t attend them out of town.
I went to only two of those meetings
and just to check on the so-called Board;
I should’ve stayed home.
I was the only homeowner present besides my brother.
There were no introductions or greetings;
that was the only constant about these ‘meetings.’
Nobody took attendance even when inquired about it.
There were no minutes from any other meetings either.
‘Board’ made motions, and voted on things without discussion;
there was no input from anybody else either.
During the last meeting, the greeting was:
Who are you? What do you want?
Again, there were no greetings or introductions.
That was the last damn meeting I’d attend.
We’re at it again because I want to remove a dangerous tree;
the roots are messing up the sidewalk and foundation.
Besides, the stuff the trees drop are death traps.
My brother and I have slid and tripped on them,
but City, owner of trees in parkway won’t allow us to remove
the stinking tree.
Maybe a lawsuit will make the City listen to homeowners.
All those damn, evil roots are causing havoc.

Picture credit: Martina Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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