Indecision puts nerves on edge
and raises blood pressure.
It weakens the body
and confuses the mind.
Indecision causes stress;
it’s bad for overall good health.
It affects thoughts and daily activity
and interrupts dreams.
Indecision is the nemesis
of healthy living.
It helps when somebody’s
around to motivate and cheer you on
even though you’re your best cheerleader;
we should be our only cheerleader,
but it sure helps to have others around
to make laugh or laugh with you.
At times they may laugh at you,
and those memories will bring laughter.
Indecision can take a swim
in the deepest and angriest ocean.

Picture Credits: J. Crisanto Gallegos de Robles, Martina Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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