Morning Stroll

Morning after rain showers,
my mutt and me went for a stroll.
A duck was in the water basin;
its head and neck were fluorescent green.
The clouds were white and fluffy;
they reminded me of my blankets.
The stroll was rather slow;
I’m glad I had company;
the snail empathized.
The mutt was well-mannered;
she never barked, mainly growled.
Even met a frisky Pomeranian;
the usually barker acted shyly
and didn’t bark at the jogger either.
For sure she earned her treats
all the way home.
I let the leash loose further from the door;
she didn’t try to run away this time.
Waited even when the leash got stuck.
In the house, she did her circle dance.
She got her treat ‘fore her patience ran out.

Picture credit: Martina Gallegos

Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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