Dragging Start

I didn’t feel like getting up this morning,
but my mutt was more than ready for the day.
She refused to go to the backyard,
and she sat on the sofa instead;
she’s learning her routine
to get up and go for a walk.
She didn’t ask for breakfast either;
she looked anxiously at the leash.
“Do you want to go bye-bye?”
“Hurry up,” she seemed to say.
I took the leash, hesitantly,
but the dog was heading for the door.
Choices, choices, which way to go?
Forget the small streets this time;
I chose the main street.
All was going well till she spotted
a gardener and some school children;
“BARK, BARK, YAP, YAP! She bawled.
“There goes your treat,” I thought.
“Maybe you ought to go to school,
and earn your living, too.”
When she bawled at the jogger,
it was time to head back home;
the leash pulling got a little harder,
and the walking faster.
I knew I’d earned my breakfast;
for her patience, she got a few flying cheerios.
Don’t get me wrong; she loves them;
they are ‘treats’ in disguise.
After her breakfast, I let her play with the balloon
so as not to deflate her ego.
She then went to take a nap, and I to rat her out.
I guess my day didn’t start out that slow after all…


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