Second Book

I’ve been writing my second book for the last four years. It was supposed to have been my first one, but things changed, and I had to go with the flow. It’ll be titled: Steppingstones: Journal to Recovery from Stroke/Brain Injury. It’s a challenging journey from an event that could’ve taken my life to regaining control of things that seemed out of my control and potentially deadly to dealing with years of constant professional career and educational conflicts, challenges, and other unpleasant and demoralizing societal stressors.

I don’t have a publishing deadline yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted. I ask that you please share this post on your Walls.

Thank you,

Martina R. Gallegos (The name I was nudged into adopting when I became a U. S. Citizen. My birth name is Martina Gallegos Robles, but ‘INS’ staff didn’t know what to do with my long name and wanted to get rid of Robles, my mother’s last name. No way! I asked if I could use it as a middle name, and they said it was ok).


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