Pigeons grunt out in the backyard
Parakeets peck at food from a pistachio lid
The little dog naps in front of the door that faces the street
She’s having dreams and makes the cute ‘dreaming’ sounds.
A baby dove wiggles its little butt in a nest almost see-through;
Her parents are on the neighbor’s roof keeping an eye on baby.
I fear depression is beginning to set in.
I’m planning to get rid of my internet
I’m facing many money issues
Because I trust people who don’t know what they’re doing.
I just spent over a week trying to straighten out insurance riddles.
I’m planning what I’ll do when Internet is gone.
Can’t deal with the plethora of server connection issues.
Maybe the neighbor’s two Satellite Dishes are the problem;
We’re only about twenty-five feet apart.
The parakeets’ screeches bring me back to focus.
I have two books I’m reading but haven’t finished.
Instead of watching TV, I can do more reading and writing;
I can also spend more serious time practicing guitar;
I actually am having to relearn how to play.
Today I was able to play my pieces much better, even used a pick.
I need to encourage myself to drive more and further.
I haven’t tried the freeway yet.
Today I drove my pet and chose a narrower, further street.
I’d been hesitant to drive anywhere except the bank;
Others were too tired to go to the bank today.
Out the window went my plan to practice driving with company.
After walking my mutt, cooking breakfast, and playing guitar,
I decided I had to drive so my brain could enjoy some sunlight.
The mutt was actually pretty well-behaved during the ride.
It’s strange how my new brain works, but at least it still works.
Screeching parakeets are now annoying me.
I took them out to get sun for a couple of hours;
I think they want out of the cage now. Fine.


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