Warring Images


Teachers protest government’s
educational reform that will endanger
their employment, so they go on strike.
Shielded police quickly blanket protesters’
path and shower them with tear gas
and live ammunition.
Media and police claim protesters
are the instigators, that cops
are unarmed. Witnesses and
video clips contradict local media and cops.
Images of revolt do not enlighten minds;
fires add life to hell in the streets.
Corpses, strewn bodies,
and bloodied faces are now a common
sight near the protestors’ area.
Even common citizens again speak against
protestors whom they refer to as lazy.
These critics favor educational reform
that will offer training and competence
evaluation of these ‘lazy’ teachers.
Critics claim teachers don’t want to attend
training workshops or go through
the evaluation process.
The implication is that teachers are inefficient
and incompetent with current educational practices.
Should educational reform lead to despicable murder?
More murderous yet is the silence from international
media, deaf and blind to the Oaxacan plight.
Copyright@2016 Martina R. Gallegos


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