Amazing Alphabet


A: Amazing is the world I want to live in.
B: Because I want a better, more beautiful 🌎.
C: Can’t wait till I see no child cry from hunger.
D: Delight in Mother Nature; watch the rainbow 🌈.

E: Engage in meaningful and peaceful dialogue.
F: Friends are a smile away.
G: Great things happen when you care.
H: Hug your family daily.
I: It’s impossible to ignore smiles.
J: Just keep trying your best; you’ll find joy.
K: Kindness is contagious; spread it.
L: Live life loving what you do.
M: Marvel the marvelous person you are.
N: Nothing is out of reach unless laziness creeps in.
O: Opt for healthy choices.
P: Plan; work on goals, and repeat.
Q: Quiet voices hear the loudest.
R: Rise above expectations.
S: Stand with those who look out for you.
T: Take the time to thank those around you.
U: Understand we all share one planet.
V: Victory comes to those who persevere.
W: Those who ask why are the ones who become wisest.
X: Xenophobia is illogical in a heterogeneous society.
Z: Zeal and zest are words that keep you going. Zap!

Picture credits: J. Crisanto Gallegos de Robles & Martina Gallegos

Copyright @2016MartinaR.Gallegos


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