Dreams of Hope

I’ve had at least three dreams that I’m back in my classroom; two dreams were consecutively, and the third one was two days after the last one. In the first dream I was getting my classroom ready, but I think it was a different classroom, or at least it looked different and furniture had been re-organized. In the second dream I was facing a conflict; I first spoke with the person who was creating the conflict; when I saw he wasn’t going to change, I told him I’d speak with the principal. He made it obvious he wasn’t going to stop talking his nonesense, so I left him and the other teacher in the classroom, and I went straight to the principal. I explained the situation to her, and she seemed to be having doubts. I told her I was sure how the other teacher was feeling, but all I wanted was for her to speak to him about our conversation; I told her I just wanted her to have a talk with him, and I left it at that.

My third dream was the first day of school, and I’d gotten a new group of students. Some parents were with their child and wanted to visit for a while. I still didn’t have my whole group, and I was wondering how I’d conduct class with only about one fourth of my group. There was also a child outside with mom, and he didn’t want to be in my class; there’s usually one each year, so I’m always ready to face that situation now.

I went to introduce myself to the child and mom but realized I’d already met her when I had her other children and nephews in my class. The child then asked if I still had Clifford and the dinosaurs. Got him! I told him I did, and that he could sit Clifford  next to him or hold him. He said he’d hold him, and in to the classroom he walked without mom.

I felt good having dreamed that I was back in the classroom, and that I was able to solve or try to solve issues more effectively. I felt I’d never left the classroom. This is very important because next year I have to decide whether I’m ready to return to work full time, but I know it won’t really be my decision but rather district’s doctors and maybe even attorneys, and that’s a nightmare.


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