On the Search Again

Today I finished another round of speech and physical therapy; it’s kind of difficult because I use that time to practice driving, being around other people, and seeing what challenges others face. I’m also losing a great ‘meds’ doctor, and I wish I could for low him, but I’m not ready to dare freeways. Had tough holidays, so this makes it even harder, but life goes on, and I plan to ask for help with the freeway driving, short distance first.

I have also decided to accept the fact that I will never be who I was before and accept the new me along with my challenges. I also realize that I have to get out of my comfort zone in order to accomplish future goals. I keep seeking refuge in my writing and learning new languages, but I must put both into practice sharing and speaking with others. Music has been one of my loves as well, and I want to get back to it if my pets let me. Whine, whine, little mutt, and kitten’s under the bed. I guess they, too, want to go to sleep now. Zz, zap!


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