Leaving a Humble living to Face the Storms

img_5385“Crossing the Waters” by Leslie Leyland Fields, is one of the most amazing, awe-provoking books I’ve read lately. The author makes the reader feel, see, and touch life two millennia ago. She allows us to travel to holy lands and experience life first hand.
I love how she parallels her life to that of others who followed Jesus, leaving everything behind and venturing into the unknown, exposing herself to the hazards of Mother Nature but believing and keeping her faith in the Creator who kept her safe and saved her life and that of her loved ones many times.
Her dedication to and knowledge of the Gospel and the Scriptures motivates the reader to learn more about the subject.
It’s a great book I highly recommend to anybody willing to learn from somebody who sacrificed family and comfort to follow her dreams but still keeping the family together. Total dedication.


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