Her smile entangles a youth’s throbbing heart
as chills run through her quivering lips
thirsty for a taste of a love long gone.

Her hazel eyes take hostage the young man’s eyes
exhorting him to pledge his love for her
like a hypnotist at a religious revival.

She runs her manicured fingers
through his curly, black hair as she whispers:
be my forever Valentine.

The whisper tickles his ear
causing him to giggle
as he asks her: but what is Valentine?

It is the song in one’s heart
and the smiles in the soul
that make the sun shine.

It’s the moon that accompanies
lovers’ paths to secret rendezvous
to explore hidden desires.

“Love’s too complicated,” says he;
I’d much rather be a forever friend
under the company of the sun.

Be what you choose, but be a friend
without complicating things
treating the sun like the moon.
Copyright @2017 Martina R. Gallegos. All rights reserved.


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