Poems in Water

Poems in Water,” a poetry anthology by Mary Langer Thompson that is nature-themed but also attracts all levels of poetry readers by including poetry celebrating life, death, and even sour grapes and lemons! Both wisely squeezed or stomped into poetry!
Readers are invited to enjoy comedy, “Follow-Up Letter,” “Dialogues With Signs of the Times” and “How the GPS Stole my Husband,” metaphorical romance, “Passing Time,” and even children’s literature (“The Little Old Lady to the Gingerbread Man”), and other pieces guaranteed to make readers laugh or at least smile. There are also pieces memorializing and honoring loved ones, historical figures, events, and places.
Ms. Thompson makes things look important which would otherwise be considered simple and ordinary (“Gum on Cement”), but it is also her subtle humor that makes reading her poetry attractive and enjoyable.
All these elements make the Anthology reader accessible. It provokes laughter, thinking, and insight. I highly recommended this Poetry Anthology especially for beginning writers or poetry enthusiasts. It is a great school library piece.
First appeared on Amazon.
Martina R. Gallegos
Mary Langer Thompson Thelma T. Reyna


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