Decision, decisions, but I need and must make them. I’ve been working on a bilingual book for sometime now, and I’ been told I’m ‘too negative;’ I guess being negative is so much fun, I delve in it. I start a writing project with a positive thought or idea, but my life experiences immediately jump right in, sending me back to the past I don’t want to relive; however, I also feel I can’t truly produce positive or happy thoughts unless and until I get rid of all the poison in my system; I also realize I push people away with my dark ideas, and I don’t do it with malice, but you’re free to scroll down, see fewer of my posts, etc.
I’m making the decision to continue with my detoxification because I can find places for that kind of writing besides books. I’m also looking more carefully and meticulously at nature, which I love anyways, for inspiration.
Some stroke/brain survivors tend to be very impulsive, and anything can trigger a plethora of emotions; unpredictability is very common. Every survivor has different, unique, and common side-effects, and everybody manages challenges differently; what’s important is to keep busy in every aspect in order to gain full or close to full recovery, but it doesn’t come without pain, hard work, and discomfort. Exercising: walking, bicycling, reading, writing, learning, music, art, new languages, singing, playing board games, and socializing are some things survivors can engage in to help with recovery. Know your limits, and don’t be afraid to seek or ask for any kind of help. Keep your positive support network and send the rest hiking.

Picture credits: J. Crisanto Gallegos de Robles & Martina Gallegos. All rights reserved.



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