Challenges Stroke/TBI Survivors Face

A common topic among stroke/brain injury survivors is the challenge we face or may face out in the community with law enforcement. TBI, traumatic brain injury survivors, don’t respond or react the same way in difficult or challenging situations with law enforcement. For example, if a police officer stops us, we may not be able to respond to their questions fast enough; we need extra processing time before we can respond appropriately. We may become frustrated or easily overwhelmed, and officers may see this behavior as disrespectful and belligerent, but we’re simply trying to maneuver a difficult and possibly stressful situation. Law enforcement personnel needs to be aware of effects Stroke/TBI survivors live with everyday. We are law-abiding citizens and want to be profuctive members of our communities; despite our challenges, we have a lot to offer. Another common fear is walking around our community because many drivers don’t slow down or stop for us to cross the streets completely or don’t yield to us in parking lots. Many of us no longer use wheelchairs, walkers, or canes, so drivers may see us as lazy and slow and zoom by us.


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