From Childhood to Motherhood


Margaret Westlie’s “Mattie’s Story” is a bucketful childhood adventures that quickly takes Mattie from being a child to being a child’s mother.
Mattie ‘grows up’ learning about the nightmares of motherhood from her forever-fun-searching-trouble-making-best friend Cora, who’s been promised to marry a tobacco-smoking old man, horror that causes Cora to run away and throws the entire town into turmoil as everyone searches for her ‘drowned body.’
Mattie is beside herself in grief with the image of her best friend’s body laying somewhere but is pleasantly surprised when Cora knocks on her door. Mattie is aware she can’t welcome her friend into her home without jeopardizing her own reputation and even her marriage but let’s her stay for a few days with a stern warning to learn her lesson and to stay out of trouble.
Mattie is sincerely happily married to a caring, loving man whom she’s proud to call her husband. With Cora back from the dead, trouble always looms in the horizon, but David understand that his wife is “a loyal little thing,” and will always be there for her friend…
“Mattie’s Story” is a welcoming and warm distraction from the horrors our world is facing at the moment. This story also provides for excellent discussion from elementary to high schools about friendship, and the consequences of ‘bad behavior.’
It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while and highly recommend it.


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