Book Review

REVIEW FOR, “IN THE SHADOW OF WATER,” by Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros
The author takes us through a journey from Pre-Colombian era to the present and creatively and intelligently intertwines indigenous and modern-day culture and religion. Her clever but adequate use of ‘code switching:’ going from one language to another, adds flavor to her poetry.
The book allows for discussion of cultural-indigenous religious rituals, like the manda: A promise a person makes if a loved one is cured, saved from danger, …a person may promise to walk barefoot for the rest of his/her life or until a high-level religious person, like a bishop or archbishop raises or levanta la manda or promise.
Her poetic telling of the immigrant journey and the somewhat failed expectations reminds us of what our country is living today. This is an excellent collection of poetry I highly recommend to students upper-elementary through high school and college for further research, and it’s a great book for any school, college, university, or public library. The book’s author also fulfills the job of role model of Latin@s in the literary field.

Martina Robles Gallegos, Elementary School teacher, Stroke/Brain Injury Survivor, M. A.


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